Monday, August 9, 2010

Comparing VM with the literature

In June 2008, I wrote a results paper for the DRUID conference at Copenhagen Business School. An earlier version of the paper compared Value Management with the innovation and consumer value literature.

Innovation lit compared:

  • Christensen (1997) The innovator's dilemma

  • Bass (1969) A new product growth model for consumer durables, Management Science

  • Ryan and Gross (1943) The diffusion of hybrid seed corn

  • Bijker (1995) Of bicycles, bakelites and bulbs: toward a theory of sociotechnical change

  • Rogers (1962, 2003) Diffusion of innovations

Consumer value lit compared:

  • Holbrook (1996) Customer value ACR

  • Zeithaml (1988) Consumer perceptions of price, quality and value. Journal of Marketing

  • Woodruff (1997) Customer value: the next source of competitive advantage. JAMS

  • Flint, Woodruff and Gardial (2002) Eploring the phenomenon of customers' desired value change. Journal of Marketing

  • Not included here, ut to include in thesis: Richins 1994 Valuing things. JCR

Pdf 24 pages of comparison:
For your reading pleasure, and any comments welcome. This is a draft. See final DRUID paper here.

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