Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ten things I would do with 1Gbps NBN...

NBN (National Broadband Network) CEO Quigley announces Gb network test successful, today. Given unlimited download (as proposed by the McKinsey NBN implementation advice, what would I use GB NBN for?

* - possible with my internet now

** - not possible now

43 yo Phd student
skype my nephew 2000km away in HD**
lecture my innovation class from rural town**
watch HD Stanford/Harvard webcasts and interact**
talk to the doctor without travel*
watch Aegean sunset in HD**
interview for job 1000km away from home**
Jam with sister in Germany, she on violin, me on trumpet**
watch my nephews school play live**
give English lesson with an Asian English learner*
watch webcast of NBN AIIA lunch talk*
My internet: 4Gb 3G VirginBroadband at 500k inc local/std calls $60/mth

80 yo father
skype my 2000km away son*
talk to doctor online*
watch Andre Rieu concert live*
borrow library books*
record video memoirs and store online**
watch Parliament*
chat to overseas daughter (skype)*
browse family photos online*
train young lawyers*
keep an eye on Arsenal football games live*
My internet: 2Gb ADSL2 $30/mth

What is not possible now is to do these things all at once, or within our download limits.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comparing VM with the literature

In June 2008, I wrote a results paper for the DRUID conference at Copenhagen Business School. An earlier version of the paper compared Value Management with the innovation and consumer value literature.

Innovation lit compared:

  • Christensen (1997) The innovator's dilemma

  • Bass (1969) A new product growth model for consumer durables, Management Science

  • Ryan and Gross (1943) The diffusion of hybrid seed corn

  • Bijker (1995) Of bicycles, bakelites and bulbs: toward a theory of sociotechnical change

  • Rogers (1962, 2003) Diffusion of innovations

Consumer value lit compared:

  • Holbrook (1996) Customer value ACR

  • Zeithaml (1988) Consumer perceptions of price, quality and value. Journal of Marketing

  • Woodruff (1997) Customer value: the next source of competitive advantage. JAMS

  • Flint, Woodruff and Gardial (2002) Eploring the phenomenon of customers' desired value change. Journal of Marketing

  • Not included here, ut to include in thesis: Richins 1994 Valuing things. JCR

Pdf 24 pages of comparison:
For your reading pleasure, and any comments welcome. This is a draft. See final DRUID paper here.