Friday, December 10, 2010

Is Cisco UMI (you-me) the NBN killer app?

CNN has a video story today showing Cisco's Umi 1080P hi-def videoconferencing application that sits on your TV.

(this CNN link might expire, since there is no permalink on the video)

Cost:$600, plus $25 per month
Uses: HDMI in/out
Needs: 3.5 mbps bandwidth (seems low for hidef, but the NBN will mean everyone can use it, including satellite and wireless...)
Needs: unlimited Gbs (sigh.... I am on 4Gb per month... student...)

This could be a killer app for the NBN, if the price was right. I think this price is too high, but if it got down to Apple TV price ($129) and $10 per month, there could be a stampede....

See also the Cisco website: Umi website
This might also be a good way to demo the speed of the NBN. Cisco has demonstration centres around the US: New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago. Might be fun to have in the city malls where people can interact between cities eg Melb vs Syd, Bris vs Perth, Adel vs Darwin, Newc vs Geel.... just for fun....

Meet Umi

Video on Youtube... too HD to even fit on a blog....(sigh)...