Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ten things I would do with 1Gbps NBN...

NBN (National Broadband Network) CEO Quigley announces Gb network test successful, today. Given unlimited download (as proposed by the McKinsey NBN implementation advice, what would I use GB NBN for?

* - possible with my internet now

** - not possible now

43 yo Phd student
skype my nephew 2000km away in HD**
lecture my innovation class from rural town**
watch HD Stanford/Harvard webcasts and interact**
talk to the doctor without travel*
watch Aegean sunset in HD**
interview for job 1000km away from home**
Jam with sister in Germany, she on violin, me on trumpet**
watch my nephews school play live**
give English lesson with an Asian English learner*
watch webcast of NBN AIIA lunch talk*
My internet: 4Gb 3G VirginBroadband at 500k inc local/std calls $60/mth

80 yo father
skype my 2000km away son*
talk to doctor online*
watch Andre Rieu concert live*
borrow library books*
record video memoirs and store online**
watch Parliament*
chat to overseas daughter (skype)*
browse family photos online*
train young lawyers*
keep an eye on Arsenal football games live*
My internet: 2Gb ADSL2 $30/mth

What is not possible now is to do these things all at once, or within our download limits.

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