Monday, June 21, 2010

NBN Early Pricing analysis - Value WATCH (June 2010)

I have analysed the early NBN pricing between Exetel, iiNet and Primus using my Value Watch methodology.

The McKinsey Report ( advises pricing for penetration  - see Exetel Tas NBN prices starting at $0 plus $2/Gb for basic (25mbps) to $50 plus $0.75/Gb for fast (100mbps). Mckinsey advise wholesale price around $30 for entry level broadband (25mbps; unlimited Gb) plus $5 for unlimited calls. Equates to about $55-60 retail entry level. But three other ISPs are pricing NBN like a premium service: iiNet, Primus $50 for 5Gb; $90 for 15 Gb. I know who I would prefer. I will attach my comparison of the initial NBN prices below.

See graphical comparison here....

Comments welcome below. The Value Watch compares Price per month and Price per Gb. Greater value is when both these indicators are minimised. Exetel shows a clear value lead over iiNet and Primus in these early stages.

Update: Exetel revised their prices up from $1.50 / Gb to $2/Gb and monthly access down from $10 to $0. Faster plans had no changes. Will have to update analysis.... Revised graphs with updated Exetel prices here -