Sunday, July 11, 2010

Resistance to innovation: a value perspective

The connecting value that holds society together resists the novelty seeking value of explorers. A dynamic tension exists between these two social forces; to change and to remain, which is destabilised by innovation and entrepreneur's effort. A community, society, club, association or family is an aggregation of community shared values. These values are ongoing connections and connecting. Novelty emphasises and values newness, while community (resistance) emphasises shared ongoing practices that constitute the identity of the community.

From the perspective of the Innovator, shared ongoing community practices (tradition) look like resistance. From the perspective of the Community, novelty (change, innovation) looks like distraction from ongoing community constituting practices. Community resists Innovation to the extent the change disrupts community identity. Rogers compatibility factor of speed of adoption captures this idea. Innovation unravels Community by changing constituting practices.

Thus innovation and resistance are two alternate value perspectives, valuing the new, and the known, those practices that constitute the community.

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