Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thesis at a glance:

Two word pictures of the thesis ( text.

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Wordle: Thesis Draft K

Removing: value, 3G, consumer/s, innovation.

Wordle: Thesis, excluding: value, consumer/s, innovation

Removing: phone, technology, grounded, theory, meanings...
leaves words describing value meanings, and value in practice. Click to expand picture in new window.

Wordle: Thesis: excluding phone, technology, meaning

A birthday Newton Ferrers Wordle montage from muchfoolishness

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NBN Value Management

The Australian is reporting that Brunswick, Melbourne residents don't know enough about the NBN to sign up yet.

"In reality, people aren't going to sign up until they know how much this is going to cost them," said Ms Ratnakar, whose association represents 544 businesses on the Sydney Road strip. "Getting together with service providers and mapping out what's going to be available and how much it's going to cost is really at the end of the day going to swing it."

In response, I have created a sample flyer for NBN Brunswick residents to compare NBN prices in Tasmania, to indicate prices in Melbourne. These are subject to change, and not yet available. Yet this information is important to allow residents to decide whether to sign up for the NBN.

Sample flyer below. Revised copy now with Telstra and Internode prices here (109k pdf). Now revised with logo here (240k pdf). Comments appreciated.