Monday, August 8, 2016

Where is the economy growing / shrinking? #AU

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has recently provided me with a dataset to examine innovation in Australia. I am interested in economic activity over time and by location. Previously the ATO has provided corporate data, but companies are seen only as Australian, and not having a point or multi-point location. Employees however have an address which provides a point location.

Thus the ATO has kindly provided all the salaries and wages data (for 12 years), and sole trader data, by fine detailed industry and location. Sole Trader's have 500 industries and employees have 1500 occupations. Australian locations, while requested at postcode level, were provided at a statistical area level (SA4) which splits Australia into 100 regions of similar population. Cities have many zones, while the country has large zones.

See my request for the data here.

The resulting dataset has two tables:
  • Sole Traders (100,000 rows) 2014 $96B, 2002 $61B.
  • Salary and Wages (200,000 rows) 2014 $584B, 2002 $285B.
The raw data is available here at  I have loaded the data into an online database at Nectar, which provides free cloud services for Australian Researchers. Preliminary analysis is taking place at a website set up for that purpose here. For SELECT access to the database please contact me.

Data Visualisation of the Industries of Sole Traders.

See details including rollover to get names of each bubble here.

A Data Visualisation of growth by SA4 region

Figure 1: Growth by SA4 region (2006, 2010, 2014). Data
Data Citation: Ferrers, R., Australian Tax Office; AURIN (2016): Where are Australian jobs growing or shrinking (2002 - 2014; over 100 regions; SA4)?. figshare. Online at: Retrieved: 06 05, Oct 27, 2016 (GMT)

Top ten occupations (2010-2014) - growing / shrinking

Top Ten Growing Occupations**20102014Diff
Sales Assistant (General) 235,449 273,104 37,655
Corporate General Manager 162,899 198,595 35,696
Office Manager 145,522 172,883 27,361
Primary School Teacher 121,599 147,589 25,990
Child Care Worker 73,496 92,813 19,317
Aged or Disabled Carer 103,196 121,359 18,163
Labourers nec 72,007 89,238 17,231
Program or Project Administrator 81,640 94,905 13,265
Registered Nurse (Aged Care) 29,605 42,581 12,976
Machine Operators nec 18,764 31,263 12,499

Top Ten Shrinking Occupations**20102014Diff
Practice Managers nec 131,480 73,434 68,722
General Clerk 361,094 326,118 34,976
Earthmoving Labourer 33,313 13,585 19,728
Sales Representatives nec 90,840 74,679 16,161
Nurse Practitioner 35,031 21,767 13,264
Secretary (General) 46,570 33,800 12,770
Farm 33,781 21,038 12,743
Hospitality Workers nec 40,256 28,725 11,531
Clerical and Administrative Workers nec 44,280 32,874 11,406
Checkout Operator 65,242 54,294 10,948
NB**: excludes unnamed occupations. Full List. Data (1162 lines, csv).

Other sample reports

Several sample reports are now available, including;
  • List of Occupations from largest to smallest
  • List of Occupations from highest average wage to smallest
  • List of Sole Trader industries from highest sales to smallest
  • Change in one Industry over time - Hairdressing.
For more information: contact