Thursday, June 5, 2008

DRUID poster, Copenhagen Business School (17-20 June)

Full paper, including references here.

It's June (2008) and time for the DRUID conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Here are the summaries of the thesis in Poster form:

One is in A1, and the second in A2.

See the full images at Flickr here. (download A1 [0.5Mb], download A2 [0.5Mb])

These posters focus on (A1) the top level analysis: the value dimensions, the top level concepts, the value assessment strategies, the implications and tools of 'Value Management'.

The A2 poster, compares 'Value Management' with two pieces of literature, one from Innovation (Christensen 1997), and one from Customer Value (Zeithaml 1988), and outlines the interviewees, and shows the major references.