Thursday, December 6, 2018

What is new in Value (2013 - 2018)? How to do a Literature review as an Open Researcher

I am writing an update to my literature review, now that I have published v1 of The Little Book of Value. But this is the first literature review I am writing as an Open Researcher. So I am considering how do I write this as an open process. Some options:
The Little Book of Value: figshare.
  • Endnote - too proprietary. Sharable. I doubt it. 
  • Onenote - Microsoft. Ick! Too complicated. 
 Now I am thinking I will use a Google Doc, with sections:
  • Authors 
  • Journals 
  • Papers 
  • Quotes 
So my research question is: what is new in value theory (2013 - 2018). Let's begin. Will update this post with my progress.

I posted a request to the Australia/NZ Open Research Slack channel (ANZORN) and had responses:
  • Zotero - "a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research" ,but it is a download to desktop tool.Ugh! Where is the work in the open? Also has Zbib for a quick bibliography from DOI.
  • google doc (view/comment only): sharable, unstructured, public, free, simple. See the Literature Review in progress. Current paper count: 40. Current Author search: Gronroos, Vargo and Lusch, Akaka. Current Journals: Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Industrial Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Creating Value (and more) plus books.
Will update here as progress continues. See the Google Doc for live updates.
Update 1 (24.1.19): Summary of Value Lit. published as an update in The Little Book of Value (version 3).
Significant new literature noted: Mazzucato, M. (2018). The Value of Everything. Includes an economic history of value theory including focus on land (physiocrats), labour (Classical, Adam Smith, Ricardo, Marx ie industrial revolution), trade (mercantilists). Focus on productive and unproductive growth - making and taking.

See also a network visualisation of Innovation and Value creation at (opens full page), and embedded below. On a bigger screen you can choose between two views: - Innovation and value creation - thinkers (an overview of the literature review in my PhD 2012) - Value theory of innovation (the PhD model). NB: After clicking on a node, click top-right corner to close description.