Monday, November 10, 2008

Measuring Innovation - Some 2008 reports

Here are some recent Innovation Measurement web pages I have come across recently:

Boston Consulting Group (Aug. 2008)
Innovation 2008: Is the Tide Turning?
A survey of 3000 executives say they are less happy with their return on innovation (2008 43% happy, 2006 52% happy), and will spend less on innovation in 2008 (2008 63% spend more, 2006 72% spend more). 28 pages

Measuring Innovation 2008: Squandered Opportunities
Firm level recommendations of measuring innovation. N=332 executives.

Australian Bureau of Statistics - Tasmania (March 2008)
Measuring Innovation: Towards developing a scorecard
Surveys definitions and other measurement projects, including Schumpeter, Oslo Manual, output, outcome and input based measures, linkages and knowledge diffusion approaches. Assesses scorecards from OECD, European Innovation Scorecard, Canadian Scoreboard, Massachusetts, Progressive Policy Institute (WA.), Global Creativity Index. Creates Tasmanian scorecard with six categories: knowledge creation, human resources, finance, knowledge diffusion, collaboration in R&D, Market Outcomes.