Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Value Management - Welcome

Hello and Welcome,

This is the first post to the Value Management Blog. This is a shared space, where the ideas I am developing for my thesis on innovation, understanding consumers, can be discussed, especially with the case study businesses, who will assist me in checking the practicality of my ideas.


I look forward to getting my thoughts down, and reading your feedback.

My thesis home page is http://www.thejoie.com.au/phd/. (now offline rf 04.08)

My Thesis title is "Understanding 3G Consumer Value: The Australian Opportunity."

My Research Question is : how do consumers understand the value in a new technology?

My tentative theory is that VALUE explains why people buy new technology, and how they respond to business innovations.

The response of business, based on this idea is called VALUE Management. And here is where I will outline my ideas, and provide a space for your feedback.
Thanks and regards
Richard Ferrers

The spring weather is sunny, bright, and warm today. About 25*C glorious degrees.

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